17.5.2016: (Flor°) - Mňl°y - Torvik - ┼lesund - Molde - (Kristiansund).

It has rained last night, as predicted. Shortly before 7 a.m. I┤m up. Last rain drops, to turn dry soon.

We are approaching Mal°y, when I enter the deck.

Of course summits are still wrapped in clouds after the rain.

First we have to pass under this bridge.

Then the ship ...

... put on the pier in Mal°y.

A short fine spray of drizzle

We leave after a short 15 minutes stay.

Tha looks like a stop of the rain.

First sunny spells over the large cove of Sildegapet, which we now cross.

Growing more romantic ...

In the distance a land tongue with the mountain ridge of Signalen (441 m)

More sunny spells

I stay on deck for more than an hour ...

To the east, there are mountains up to more than 600 m.

Great light effects

We now pass the Kjeringa (497 m).

8:16 - Susanne has got up to call me for breakfast - reluctantly I leave this gorgeous scenery.

Back to the deck at 10 a.m. - and the clouds have lifted. A dry day with only high clouds.

Sunny spells.

Sailing through the Her°yfjorden

The bridge from Ulsteinvik (in the background) to the island of Lin°ya.

Lin°ya, Rem°ya, Nerlands°ya and the famous bird island of Runde all are interconnected to Ulsteinvik with bridges. Ulsteinvik itself is situated on a island, which is connected to the mainland by the Eiksundtunnel with a length of 7,7 km and leading down to a depth of 287 m. Norway shouldn┤t be called the land of the fjords, but the land of the bridges and tunnels.

We don┤t put on in Ulsteinvik, but in Torvik - comprising only a few houses on the island of Lin°ya.

Now heading for ┼lesund.

First view to the mountains of Sykkylven - more then 1.200 m high.

Scerries near ┼lesund.

The Sykkylven mountains - we will soon reach ┼lesund.

The island of God°ya to the left.


Approaching ┼lesund, the prominent Sukkertoppen ("sugar loaf") is to the west of the town.


The town of ┼lesund is situated on a west-eastern oriented line of islands and peninsulas.

A well maintained path leads, in zigzag, up to the restaurant on the hill.

Opposite (northern) there are more islands and peninsulas, most of them interconnected and connected to ┼lesund by tunnels and bridges.


Another nice mirroring of the ship at the pire.

A double  - selfie of special kind ...

Today is national holiday (celebrating the independency from Sweden some 200 years ago). The on board restaurant  is open for visitors from the land - the ship stays here from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Many of the Norwegians wear their traditional costume today.

Even the dogs are dressed similarly.

We walk through the town and climb up the Aksla rock.

Near 500 steps are leading up, which you easily can read from Susanne┤s face.

Panoramic view over ┼lesund from half way up the Aksla rock. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


Recently, the path has been beautifully rebuilt - including this airy view platform.

Another panorama of ┼lesund. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

No longer far to the top now.

From above, we also get a free view to the southeast - Sykkylven - mountains.

The view to southwest.

Panoramic view from the view terrace of the Fjellstua - restaurant situated on the highest point of the Aksla rock. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A group of young Norwegians pose on the table - so we join in taking pictures.

At the descent. The rocks are really steep.

Back into the town. The ┼lesundet has given its name to the whole town. Whereas fjords are indentations into the (main) land, sounds are  waterways between the mainland aind islands or between islands. Our ship almost exclusively sails along sounds, not fjords.

Celebrating the day. Although it is a bit cool (about 14 ░C), it stays dry all day.

┼lesundet looking like Amsterdam.

In the background to the right ...

 ... is the  Aksla rock with the steep staircase up.

A short rest ...

 ... at the Apotekertorget.

The nuch narrower Brusundet, the continuation of the ┼lesundet.

Back on the boat, and off we go.

High mountains to the east - tese ridges will be seen fro the opposite side in Molde.

Zooming in on ┼lesund - with the high mountains of the island of Sula in behind (exceeding 700 m). A broader sound in between however ...

These snow covered mountains could be Ytstetinden (1162 m) and Trolltinden (1170 m). I┤m not sure however.

More high mountains now.

A rather remote home ...

On deck 5 their is a parade now to give honor to the National holiday, with music including the Norwegion Hymn.

Afterwards, the captain and the crew (and some passengers, presumably mainly Norwegians) march around the ship.

View back to ┼lesund.

We now enter the Midfjorden (which in fact is a sound)

The Skala (1.128 m) can be seen from afar.

Now entering the Romsdalsfjorden, ...

 ... comprising a large area in front of Molde.

One mountain ridge after another on the southern shore of the Romsdalsfjorden.

Lots of (old and new) snow still at the end of Mai.

View back to Midfjorden. The island of Otr°ya to the right with the Oppstadhornet (737 m).

We are now approaching ...

 ... Molde. The high glass building looking like a sailboat, is the Rica Seilet hotel.

Opposite are fjords and mountains.

The stay a bit extended to 45 minutes, I decide for a short walk on land. 20 minutes in each direction ...

View from the roof of the brand new culture centre. Our ship is higher than the lowermost houses.

Roof terrace ...

 ... of the culture centre. Every year in summer there is a Jazz festival here.

Back at the harbour.

I have to go on board now soon.

I am watched ...

Departure at 18:30

We find someone who takes a picture of both of us.

First a short way back along the Romsdalsfjorden.

 ... then we branch off to the North into the Julsundet.

Evening mood ...

 ... with a ship encounter:

The Hurtigruten ship Kong Harald.

It is now evening, we start sailing above open sea, the coast is much farer, and I am tired. So I draw back with a book to the panoramic deck zurŘck. This turns out to be not an optimal idea due to a bit stronger sea state, so finally I end up in the cabin, abstaining from going on land in Kristiansund where we have a stay from 10:15 to 11:00 p.m. We will see Kristiansund on our way back in the early afternoon. Shortly after the restart, I am fast asleep.