16.6.2016: Flight to Bergen, a walk around the city and entering our boat.

Strat from Vienna early in the morning, runway number 2: Crossing the Danube a few seconds after lift off.

Approaching Amsterdam, where we have to change the plane

Lots of water around Amsterdam.




Thre  hours waiting. It has started raining outside, and the planes draw long curtains of rain water behind.

Norway greets us with much different weather.

Islands and skerries ...

 ... and high mountains.


narrow coves, forests

 ... and many settlements around Bergen.

Many Norwegians are enthusiastic sailors.

Safely landed and transferred by bus to our ship.

Hurtigruten ships are combinations of freighter, mailboat, car ferriy,  Schiffe sind eine Kombination aus Frachtschiff/Postschiff, Autofähre, passenger transportation and cruise liner - all in one. Our ship is the Nordnorge.

A big ship, with a hotel on board - for a pleasant journey of 12 days.

We leave our luggage at the terminal and walk to the main haven of Bergen.

Goodies are offered here - mainly fish.

Old houses near the haven.


A side street is branching of directly at the haven, with a white building at its end: the valley station of the Fløybanen, which we take to travel up the mountain.

First between houses ...

Wonderful view from the terrace

180 degree panoramic view from the view terrace on the Fløyen. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


Our ship

View outside the labyrinthine fjord landscape of Bergen.

Wonderful young green on the trees.

The cafe´ on the Fløyen is a bit decrepit, but you can get a bit to drink (self service).

Back to the railway ...

 ... and down soon thereafter.

Beautiful old houses ...

 ... near the harbour.

A never ending row of yachts. They don´t sail out though, but we saw several boat owners sitting on the boat and enjoying the sun.

180 degree haven panorama of Bergen. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The harbour with the Fløybanen in behind.

We have entered our ship and are now enjoying the view from the afterdeck.

We have moved into our cabin, unpacked the luggage and enjoyed the dfelicious evening buffet. Our ship will move soon.

Evening mood - after 9 p.m., the sun is still shining.

Our ship, reflecting in the glass front of the Hurtigruten terminal building.

22:35 - off we go.

Still light, even if the sun isn´t shing.

The bridge to the island of Aksøy

View back to Bergen.

We shall experience the full moon later on this week. Now we go to sleep, after a strenuous day.