Hohe Wand 15.12.2004

Thick high fog covers Wiener Becken up to  900 m above sea level, in the fog the temperature is - 6 0C with lots of hoarfrost, above is sunshine with datime temperature up to +8 0C. At the upper border of the fog the sun breaks through and highlights the hoarfrost - here near Gasthof Postl (892 m).

Shortly above the fog border there is yet hoarfrost but cloudless sky

Every culm bears a thick layer of hoarfrost

Driving further to Waldeggerhaus (1.000 m). Ötscher (1.892 m, air-line dictance 62 km)

The view from Kleine Kanzel (1.065 m) to Schneeberg (2.075 m). In the summit region the trees are free of hoarfrost

Zooming in on hoarfrost ...

... and on Schneeberg

Hazel in the fog (near Kohlröserlhaus, 860 m)

Larches in the fog at the same place

Haw at the border of fog near Kohlröserlhauses

 ... Thick hoarfrost on all twigs ...

... and grasses

 ... as well as trees ...

and berries: Hawthorn ...

... and barberries

The fog once more lifts a little bit ...