Hochschwab crossing: 3. Day 25.6.2005

Today we start at 7 a.m. from Sonnschienhuette over mountain pastures up and down to Androthalm, further over Androthtoerl (saddle), near Brandstein (2.003 m) to thr ruined Fobisalm. Finally, we walk alongside the valley  to Leopoldsteiner lake. The weather report saying heavy thunderstorms from noon, we have only short breaks, going about 6 hours.

One of many mountain pasture huts on Sonnschienalm, to the left in the background Ebenstein

Panorama of the large elevated plateau of Sonnschienalm. Click on the image for a large version

In wet sinks in the forest, near freshly thawed snow, we find Christmas roses: Today, it is exact one half year after last Christmas!!!

View to Großwand (1.983 m), Hochturm (2.081 m) and Griesmauerkogel (2.031 m)

Androthalm, in the background Brandstein (2.003 m). Click into the picture for a large version.

Stengelloses Leimkraut (Campion - Silene acaulis) and Gentian (Gentiana clusii) on Androthalm

Hornkraut (Cerastium holosteoides)

Alpine Avens (Geum montanum)

Shortly before Androthsattel: Panorama with view to Brandstein (2.003 m). Click into the picture for a large version

Doline sinks may be small and deep, however, even these may contain snow.

In between mountain pines: Alpenfettkraut (Pinguicula alpina), a carnivore plant

Gemskresse (Hutchinsia alpina)

A small beck shows us the beginning of the valley we have to walk through till Leopoldsteiner See.

Near the ruined Fobisalm big clusters of "multicoloured" wood spurge (Euphorbia polychroma)

The ruined Fobisalm

A bit deeper in the valley we meet huge rests of avalanches, cut apart by the beck

Here even yet flourishing white butterbur (Compare with the red variant in Burgenland, two month before), otherwhere already carrying fruit.

Weisze Zahnwurz (Cardamine enneaphyllos).

Beside the path, I even find Wohlriechende Haendelwurz (Gymnadenia odoratissima)

The waterr of the beck flows over white limestone...

... at times even over small cascades

Moss on stones in a wet rift

Now we are really fed up!

The lake isn´t far

The end, at least: Leopoldsteiner lake near Eisenerz. As advertised, the weather now worsens, with some distant thunder and a few drops of rain, and so we are very glad to have a good meal in the inn near the parking ground.