10.10.2014 Walk in the Cinque Terre National Park.

At the picturesque steep coast North of La Spezia, in direction Genua, there are five villages, Italian "Cinque Terre". Primarily connected only by foot paths, now the railway between La Spezia and Genua goes along there, nearly completely within tunnels. . Only at or around the stations, the rails come out of the mountains. Road connection is only high up the mountains, with dead end roads to the villages. Best connection therefore is the railway. Regional trains are going along there every 1 to 2 hours.

I leave the train at the third village, Corniglia. At the moment, due to landslides, the first two villages are not connected near sea level. I was disadvised to try to walk between those villages, because it would have meant to climb high up in between. So, I walk from Corniglia to Vernazza and further on to Monterosso.

There is a bit of a walk to the village.

Southern view to the next village, Manarola.

Steep coast beneath the village of Corniglia, which is the only one of the five not having access to the sea, but is situated on a high rock.

Only distance of free railway outside the tunnels.

Arrived in Corniglia.

I walk through the old town and ascend a small platform with good views. Manarola to the south.

Narrow streets

View to the North - in distant cove is Monterosso.

My last goal is the ridge to the left of Monterosso.

High up at the road is the small hamlet of San Bernardino

Looking back to Corniglia

Masses of this yellow composite is flourishing even in autumn. I did not find this in my books - Iīd be glad to get help from somewhere!

Looking back to Corniglia. Manarola in the distance to the left.

The rock behind Monterosso is my last goal for today.

Agavae on the escarpment.

Looking back to Corniglia

Looking back to Corniglia

Lonesome (farm-?) house shortly before Vernazza.

Looking back to Corniglia

Once more Icannot identify this plant - presumably belonging to the orpine family.

Corniglia a bit more afar.

The path os very well maintained - not easy in this steep terrain. This in National park however, and you have to pay a fee for using the paths.

Shortly before Vernazza

First glimpse of Vernazza.

Vernazza, with Monterosso in the background.

Vernazza, with Monterosso in the background.

Vernazza, with Monterosso in the background. I shall climb the round tower later on.

The last metres down to Vernazza. Here is nearly no room for a railway station, so it is built into the tunnel in parts.


View back along the coast.

Vernazza, as seen from the fortress.

View back along the coast.

Monterosso is a bit closer already.


The defense tower of Vernazza

View back along the coast.

View back along the coast.


Panoramic picture of Vernazza, as seen from top of the defense tower. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View back along the coast. Corniglia and Manarola behind each other.

The small harbour of Vernazza.

Monterosso in the distance.

The defense tower.

The small harbour of Vernazza.

I stay standing beneath the rocks of the defense tower and watching the waves for a few minutes ...

Take care, ...

 ... not to get wet!

Looking over the harbour of Vernazza to Monterosso

Another beach at the opposite side of the rock ...


 ... which is connected ...

 ... by a natural tunnel (beach cave) ...


 ... with the town.

I continue my walk heading for Monterosso

Crossing between gardens

Another flower I canīs identify. could be a garden variant.

Vine yards, fig trees.


The rails come out only for a very small distance.

Vernazza. The path goes up steeply. Although you walk along the coast, you "collect" many metres of ascents and descents, like a mountain walk.


Vine yards in terraces along the steep slopes.


Looking back, Vernazza even in the distance.

Once more zooming in to Vernazza.

Monterosso. No chance for a path at sea level.

Vernazza, with Corniglia and Manarola in the distance.

Approaching Monterosso.

Lemon trees.

You must be free from giddiness on this route.

I met a nice English couple, and now we walk chatting all the way.

Rocky coast near Monterosso

Wonderfully maintained path, but very strenuous.



Monterosso beach


Monterosso beach

We walk up the ridge above Monterosso

Here yu find a ruined monastery, Santī Antonio del Mesco.

I turn back the way to Monterosso, it is too far for me to continue to Levanto.

I have half an hour spare till the next train to La Spezia, so I stroll along the beach.

Unswervings are bathing ...

Looking up to the ruined monastery of Santī Antonio, where I have been shortly before.