5.10.2014 Travel to La Spezia.

Susanne takes the machine back to Vienna, and I take the train to La Spezia. In the morning, we have time for a breakfast in a cafe and a short walk to the city.

Ponte Vecchio in a wonderful light today.

Ponte Vecchio


We sit down in a Cafe at the southern end of the Ponte Vecchio and enjoy the view from the balcony down to the street. The arch to the right crosses the street as part of the Vasari - corridor.

From here, we take a taxi to the hotel to get our luggage and to the railway station. There I get out, and Susanne goes further to the airport.

View through the window of the train, somewhere between Florence and Pisa.

A bit more north the view goes up to the Alpi apuane.

Near Carrara, the Alpi Apuane are rugged by numerous quarries - there, the famous Carrara marble is mined, which, apart frm many other usage, covers the dome of Florence. Also, many statues in Italy are made from this marble.

Arrived in La Spezia, I go to my hotel, and afterwards, I use the rest of the daylight for a walk to the harbour.

La Spezia was one of the two largest marine harbours during World War 2, so the city was nearly completely destroyed. The reconstruction is not very diversified, concrete blocks with 5 floors in a rectangular raster. The central pedestrian zome is the only exception..

Harbour impressions ...

The eastern part comprises a huge container harbor.

Palm tree alley at the promenade.

In the background, ...

 ... you can spot the Alpi Apuane, reaching up to nearly 2000 m.

Besides the palm tree alley a nice green area.

The weather isnīt that nice far North - the thundercloud does not draw down to here although.

A huge modern footbridge to the yacht haven.

The mountains to the Northwest are already part of the Cinque Terre National Park.

Alpi Apuane to the East.

Once more the footbridge.

Far out a few very small boats ...

Mountain villages

Huge war vessel in the western part of the harbour.

I donīt cross ther bridge once more but walk along the street.

Back at the palm alley

A huge container ship enters the harbour.

A yacht, still not the smallest, for comparison. ...

The following four days I spend with the course in the hospital.