Fadensattel 2.2.2017

A short skiing tour with Hans-Jürgen Pietsch, from Losenheim to the Fadensattel. Today, the mist only reaches up til beneath Grünbach, but a layer of high clouds prevents sunshine.

We walk up the forest road besides the piste

Still a slight dust over Puchberg and Grünbach, also meaning that it is much colder down there.

Arrived above the piste, ...

 ... and near the Fadensattel. There is only one question: ...

 ... what will Hans Jürgen do, when there is a ban of headscarves?

View from Fadensattel to Puchberg ...

 ... and to the west over the Gutenstein mountains. Far right is the Unterberg.

Schneeberg, with the Edelweißhütte in front. Walking back to the dropped skis, and 5 minutes later we are back at the cars.