30.7.2017: Lüsner Alm

Today, we dreive down to Brixen and then up again into the eastward orientated side valley ending with the small village of Lüsen. From there, a road leads up to the western part of the Lüsner, a huge mountain pasture, then further to Rodeneck and from there down to Mühlbach, the neighbouring village of Natz/Schabs. A round drive, so-to-speak.

In about 1630 m there is no more driving, so from here we walk up the light forest up to the mountain pasture.

On the way: here, a new grassland is grown, where there was forest before.

Arrived on the high plateau. Huge pastures, partly with cattle grazing, but large areas are mown regularly even in this altitude.

Panoramic picture of the Lüsner Alm viewing to Plose/Telegraph, Peitlerkofel to the left. The Geisler peaks are not visible, we are not high enough. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


One more panorama from the Lüsner Alm to the Plose/Telegraph. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Lüsner Alm

The cloudfs are towering ... what will this bring in the evening?

Lüsner Alm

Lüsner Alm

Descent from the Lüsner Alm

View to the Sarntal Alps.


More down now.

A bit tired already ...

Sarntal Alps.


Panoramic picture from the Lüsner Alm, a bit more down near the road, at about 1650 m asl. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The car park.

A short rest, before we proceed our drive.

The road now leads along the slope to the Northwest, on similar altitude. A wonderful view down to the high plateau of Schabs/Natz in some places ...

 ... and to the Sarntal Alps. In front is the Lüsen valley and the Rienz gorge.

Small mountain church.

On the dirve down to Rodeneck, we have a short stop and treat us to coffee, apple strudel and this wonderful view at the Ahner Berghof.

With maximal zoom, our hotel Seehof can be seen quite well.

Clouds behind the Sarntal Alps.

The Ahner Berghof was amply renovated and expanded, and now has this small natural swimming pool in the garden. How frequently will this be used at this altitude of 1.340 m asl?

And it comes as I have expected: a big thunderstorm in the evening, admired by me on our balcony.