26.7.2017: Meran and Bozen

A round drive: Over the Jaufen pass to Meran, and back via Bozen.

The weather isn´t very nice, so the temperature up here on the Jaufen pass at 2.098 m asl is about 10 °C, with a light drizzle. Not a very friendly place.

So, after a short break, we proceed our drive down into the much warmer Passeier valley.

Meran. stroll through the city.

The Waltner beck coming down from the Passeier valley crosses Meran.

More than 16 degrees warmer down here, even without sunshine.


Kurhaus of  Meran (I didn´t find an English translation for "Kurhaus", but it is best explained as kind of "old fashioned wellness centre" - in the was it was performed some 100 or 120 years ago - thus the style o the building).

Kurhaus of  Meran

"Kur" promenade

The old tower of the town.

The parish church of Meran ...

 ... and, with a few photographic tricks, on a single picture.

We have changed to Bozen. From the bridge over the Talfer, the Rosengarten mountains and the Vajolet towers can be seen.

View down the Talfer.

View to the west to the fascistic Victory Monument.

In the old town. This was our goal: the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

Here, the famous glacier mummy called "Ötzi" has found his last resting place. The corpse, the "Tyrolean iceman", murdered some 5.250 years ago, and enclosed in ascending ice on the Hauslabjoch in the Ötztal Alps. Due to the general decrease of the Alpine glaciers, the mummified corpse was set free and found by a German couple in 1991. After 20 minutes waiting on the street, we spent very interesting 2 hours in the museum, where the mummy can be seen as well as his complete eeapons and gear, together with lots of background information. Really well worth seeing!

"Ötzi", as a model.

Steet market in the old town of Bozen.