25.7.2017: Mountain walk on the Plose to the Rossalm.

Today we take the car to first drive down to Brixen and then the long road up to the Plose, to end at nearly exactly 2.000 m asl. From there, we walk to the Rossalm (2.180 m).

Morning dust at the pond.

Morning walk with Lucy, before breakfast.

View to the snow-covered Zillertal Alps.

Out hotel Seehof.

Further on through apple plantations.

At the Kreuztal, the summit station of the funicular. Here we can park our car for 4 Euro a day. The view to the Zillertal Alps.

To the south, the view goes to the gorgeous Geisler peaks, far left is the Peitlerkofel.

Panoramic view from the Plose ridgeway to the Geisler peaks. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Niw walking the ridgeway to the Rossalm.

View back to the chairlift summit station near the Kreuztal.

The snow covered Ortler group far in the west.


To the south, the Schlern is peering.

I cannot identify these mountains in the east.

Langkofel group in the south.

Geisler peaks.


The girls still are no more tired ...

 ...  as well as the dog.

Geisler peaks.

Endivien - Habichtskraut (Hieracium intybaceum) (sorry - no English name or link found!)

Lucy has to sit down for short.

Black vanilla orchid (Nigritella rhellicani).

Geisler peaks

Arrived at the Rossalm.

Geisler peaks

Geisler peaks. Clouds now towering up.

More clouds at the Sarntal Alps too.

Sarntal Alps and the Ortler group.

To the North: Lüsner Alm with the snow covered Zillertal Alps in behind.

Menacing clouds.

Panoramic picture from a bit above Rossalm (Plose) with Peitlerkofel, Geisler peaks, the Sarntal Alps to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Now getting ominously dark behind the Sarntal Alps to the Northwest.

Still clear to the South.

Time for the return walk.

This time, we take the lower path back to the Kreuztal.

Dense Swiss stone pine forest up here at 2.100 m asl.

The shower now approaching.

Or is it not approaching? Most of the rain seems to move to the Villnöss valley and the Geisler peaks.

Free of clouds there still ...

 ... but not for long now.

A bit of rain has touched us though. Not very far to the car however, ad it does not rain very heavy.

Reached the Geisler peaks ...

 ... which are wrapped in mist and rain.

Rain shower over Peitlerkofel and Geisler peaks. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The sun is back and creates a wonderful light effect.

Clouds drawing off to the Southwest.

Gleisler peaks clearing now.

Panoramic picture from the Kreuztal to Peitlerkofel and Geisler peaks. Rain clouds moving off to the Southeast. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Back in the car and driving down. The mountains in the sun again.