24.7.2017: Walk on the high plateau of Natz

For today, Monday, rain is forecast. Susi and Klara start for shopping in Innsbruck, and after a lazy morning, I start with Lucy to walk the high plateau of Natz/Schabs. Still dry weather.

Endless apple plantations everywhere up here.

"Weather cross" (Wetterkreuz)

Small biotope near he village of Natz

Endless apple plantations

Crossing the smart village of Natz

Vine growing out of this dry stone wall.

Looking South. To the left is the narrow valley of the river Rienz, some 200 m lower.

The village of Natz. Clouds are now increasing in number.

More apple plantations. To the left, the plateau ends with the very steep slopes to the Rienz.

Nets as pretection against hail stones.

On a narrow path now, already on the steep slope down to the Rienz, crossing a chestnut forest.

Chestnut trees.

The deep gorge of the Rienz, with the side valley to the background leading to the village of Lüsen.

Plates explaining work in the apple plantations.


I pass the large reservoir co9llecting and containg the water for the irrigation systems of the apple plantations.

Afterwards, the girls report whole day rain in Innsbruck. It stayed dry till now, but it is thundering now.

Some quick last pictures from the plates now.