5. bis 7.8.2016: Relaxing and trips to Postira and Supetar.

5.8.2016: Marlene and Julia met a girl from Croatia last year during their language training in England. She is from Zagreb and on holiday with her parents in Postira (in her grandmaīs house). Today she is on a visit with us, ...

 ... and in the evening, we bring her back home to Postira on the Northern coast of the island of Brac.

Postira has a small, but beautiful marina.

To the north now clouds appearing as precurors of a short bad weather period

A comfortable dinner in a nice restaurant at the marina.

6.8.: the forecast bad weather is arriving at noon ...

 ... with a thunderstorm.

Showers drawing over the islands ...

Regrettably, I donīt manage to catch a flash on my pictures.

A few hours later, it is dry again, and I start for a longer walk with much lower temperatures.

 ... with Lucy through the pine forest.

Another small cove

View to Hvar and the much farer island of Vis to its right.

This ferry boat is heading for Stari Grad on the island of Hvar.

7.8.: Today itis cloudy from the morning and rather windy, if now stormy. Here, this northern wind from the coast is called Bora.

The southern cove is a bit protected against the wind, ...

 ... but a trip to Supetar shows a different picture.

High waves ...

The marina of Supetar is a bit protected though.

Slowly, the wind is easing a bit

We go for a gentle stroll along the marina.

The ferry just has put on.

Supetarīs church.

In the yard to the left side of the church there is a statue of mother Theresa

Back for dinner in Milna. The clouds lift a bit ...

 ... for a wonderful sunset.