16.5.2014: At the castle of Bled

Today it is stormy and a bit rainy, and the congress keeps me from venturing out. A short hour in the evening before the official dinner is used for a walk up to the castle.

Impressive view from up here. A perfect strategic place to overview the whole valley and the lake, moreover protected against attacks from three sides by nearly vertical rock walls.

Southern 180 degree panoramic picture from the castle of Bled. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

Clouds on the Karawank mountains, we enjoy the "foen window" down here. Rain pouring down in Carinthia, some less than 20 km air line from here, here it is windy, and the sun is shining.

View to the west to the Julian Alps.

Zooming on to the Julian Alps. Right from the middle of the picture is Triglav (2.864 m), the highest, to its right is Rjavina (2.532 m).

The island with the church.


Karwanks the summit of the Hochstuhl is in clouds today..

At the Northern side of the castle, you can climb the narrow battlement parapet by a steep staircase.

Sunny spell in the valley.

Northern panorama from the castle of Bled. In this direction, hidden behind the hills is the Vintgar gorge. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Castle and church are enlightened during the night. After the common congress dinner, once more I have to walk out the short distance to catch the scenery - lay down the camera on a park bench, and gives reasonable results.