5.4.2012 Karinsko More and Novigradsko More

Croatia is a mountainous country, and many of the island in fact are the summits of sunken mountains. Near Zadar/Biograd there are, however, two more bizarre landscapes: two arms of sea inmidst the land, connected with each other and with the main sea (the Velebit - canal see 2.4.2012) only via two very narrow seawater channels. As rivers are flowing into these sea arms, the water is more brackish. At first, I drive to get close to those sea arms and to save time - the route to there isnīt very beautiful. From Biograd, I drive to Benkovac and further on to Pridraga, where I start with the mountain bike.

From Pridraga, the route leads steep down to one of those sea arms, Karinsko More. View over the water to the East ...

 ... and to the other side to northwest. Velebit mountains on the horizon. Still, the weather isnīt completely bright, but no rain and some sunny spells.

Small beaches at the water side.

Zooming in on the Velebit.

Remote coves.

Back to the plateau - 100 m ascent - and then over small gravel roads and narrow tarmac roads ... and suddenly, after a wld ride down through a narrow valley, I enter Novigrad, situated on the Novigradsko More, the second one of the sea arms, with an S-formed cove usedf as a natural haven.

Velebit also seen from here.

A short break on a bench - a cat is joining me, purring.

Crystal clear water and once more the view to Velebit.

Velebit in the zoom.

Panoramic view of Novigradsko More from near Novigrad. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

Once more Velebit.

Back to the town, viewing over the haven.

Now I climb the street at the opposite side of the valley.

From up there you get a wonderful view over the town of Novigrad.

Panoramic view over Novigrad. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Opposite the haven, I ride down into the separate, northwestern part of Novigrad and once more back to the sea.

Novigradsko More and the Velebit mountains.

At the opposite side of the water the village of Jasenice.

Novrigradsko More, Jasenice and Velebit, far right the last houses of Novigrad.

After riding a bit in the direction of Posedarje, I once more descend to the water.

Overhanging beach rocks.

Close to the water a natural well with ...

 ... good, fresh water.

Back to Novigrad and to Pridraga - this time on the main road. From up here a second view place over Novigrad. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The ruined castle ...

 ... and the haven.

Back at the car near Pridraga.

I drive to the eastern end of the Karinsko More, to visit the tiny hamlet of Karin, which gave the name to the water. Here, the river Karišnica is flowing into the Karinsko More.

The estuary of the Karišnica with the Franciscan monastery.

Near the estuary, a flat landscape with the character of a lagoon with reed and smal1 ponds of fresh water (however covered with salty or brackish water at high tide and storm. As a result, the place is botanically interesting - at this time of the year, I donīt see very much of interest, but the place is lovely anyway.

Inmidst a flat landscape, a small hill (in the background).

Karinsko More and Velebit.

Th village of Kruševo.

The small hamlet of Karin and the monastery.

Interesting rocky outcrops at the hill.

Zooming in on the Velebit. The sun is out at last.

Information plate near the road.