4.4.2012 With the Mountain Bike on the island of Pašman

I have to visit that land that I see every day from my hotel room. The distance to the landing place of the ferry is a few minutes with the bicycle.

On board of the ferry.

View from the uppermost deck to the old town ...

 ... and to the sailor´s haven. A favourite place for skippers to winter the boats.

And off we go.

We pass a small rocky island.

Soon we are approaching the small town of Tkon

Viewing back to Biograd. To the right, behind the gap on the small insland, our hotel.

A small monastery on the island, Sv. Katarina.


From the landing place, I immediately start up into the mountains. Terraces with small fields, not all of them cultivated though..

View fromo higher up over the sea to the East to Biograd ...

 ... and to the South to the small island of Vrgada.

More to the Northeast in the dust the city of Zadar.

Zooming in on Biograd ...

 ... and on its southern neighbour, Pakoštane. Vransko Jezero in behind.

One more view to the south. I have ascended the hills to a sender on top, where there is a stunning round view.

View to the North, along the island.

To the west, the small islands of Sit and Gangarol, behind in the dust the isle of Žut and the Cornati.

Fish farms - here whitings are breeded.

I ride further to reach a small view tower ...

 ... where I once more get a good view of the southern part of the island of Pašman.

Biograd. The ferry ...

 ... is on its way just now.

Looking south.

Between the rocks, White Corydalis, Fumewort (Corydalis ochroleuca).

Now riding down, ...

 ... passing by the Benediktian monastery

to reach the coast. Dark clouds over the continent but here the sun is shining.


These boats have seen better times.

Linum pubescens

European Searocket (Cakile maritima) at the coast

An hour of time till the ferry takes off, so I ride a bit further along the coast from Tkon to the south. Large gardening area along the coast.

On a hill, a bit away from the village, this picture of desolation: Am Hügel, weit weg vom Ort, ein Bild der Verwüstung: a waste disposal site. The seagulls say thank you ...

Back on the ferry ...


Soon I shall be back to Biograd.