1.4.2012: With the Mountain bike to Croatia´s largest lake, Vransko Jezero.

Today, we have a very strong, near gale force wind from the northeast, a downslope wind from the mountains, in this country called "Bora". Adding the clouds, I don´t drive too far away, in case of rain. My choice is Vransko Jezero, a flat fresh-water lake rather close to Biograd, easily accessible by bicycle.

On the way to the lake, the Machis is destroyed in one place by kind of contructing place. Houses under construcion? industry? From the flat hill there is a good view around and to the sea. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Vrgada to the left, on the horizon to the right the Cornati, a group of small and tiny rock islands, a favourite place for skippers.

The Cornati

The next village/town to Biograd is Pakoštane.


Panoramic picture of Pakoštane, the sea to the right, and a glimps of Vransko Jezero to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Vransko Jezero

The extreme wind is churning up the waves.

You may easily imagine how I did now riding along the left side of the lake: slowest gear, 5 - 10 km/h in completely flat terrain (the return journey however was amazing: 40 km/h and I did hear the tyres of the mountainbike "sing" because there was not a bit of head wind).

First spring flowers (rape)

There is a rather wide reed zone along the shores of the lake, especially on the Northern side.

With extreme effort I reached the other end of the lake, but I did not find the right bicycle track leading around the lake, so I turn round at this point. Panoramic picture of the Vransko lake looking to the West. Behidn the smooth hills in the background, after about 1 km there is the sea, behind to the right the island of Pašman even visible from here. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

On the way back. The velebit mountains to the Northeast are already in the sun. The clouds are leaving to the South.

Zooming in on the Velebit.

The reed zone has been declared a bird protection area, where you can walk along on a wooden path. At the moment, the grond is dry, because it did not rain here for about 4 months.

View from Pakoštane to the Velebit mountains, tomorrow´s goal.

Back at the hotel, and after a good rest and a shower, I have a short walk to the haven and the town.

Haven and old town

Our hotel. Our room is the last to the right in the uppermost (4th) floor, with windows to this direction as well as to the right. A perfect round view.

The ice cream parlour far left is open already, so I had a visit afterwards ...

Panoramic view from our balcony, most of the view is the island of Pašman, far right the old town of Biograd. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.