Biedermeier cycle way 13.6.2009

Cycle ride with the family and friends on a cycle way along the river Piesting, called "Biedermeier cacle way" by its constructors. A stunning river dale, in many parts rather narrow, the completely asphalted cycle way mainly leads along the river.

We start from Reichenthal at the branch to Miesenbach and ride up the valley at first.

Wonderful river scenery.

At the paper mill near Pernitz we turn back. The rest of the way to Pernitz is not as beautiful, only behind the town it is nice once more, but this would be too far for our friendsī five year old boy.

Lots of water in the river Piesting after the recent rain and thunderstorms.

Bell flowers in a house garden.

At times the water flows calm ...

A weir takes water to a nearby factory.

Nearly no decline at the head race canal wonderful reflections then.

Tiger lilies in a house garden. Here in the little village of Oedt we shortly branch off for a good meal in the nearby inn.

After the meal we continue our way down the river, here above Waldegg.

Near Waldegg.

Blooming bushes near the way.

Downstream of Waldegg the dale gets wider to give place for meadows.

Shortly before cement works we turn back and ride back to Waldegg, where our friendsī parents are awaiting us with coffee and cakes.