8th September 2018: Walk along Lake Altaussee

From Altaussee along the Altaussee lake to the Seewiese inn and back.

In the morning a short detour to lake Sommersberg. A confused local, former but no more owner of the area, has done much damage - and nobody can stop him.

Little Sarstein.

From Altaussee, we tart the walk along the lake. After yesterday´s rain, the clouds have lifted - only Dachstein is still wrapped.

Lake Altaussee with the Trisselwand.

Panoramic picture of Lake Altaussee. Far left is the Trisselwand, followed by Tressenstein, behind is the Ausseer Zinken. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Last flowers (horse mint)

View over lake Altaussee to the Sarstein.

The dogs have fun too.


Do you have treats?


Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand.

Ash trees at a bathing place. They look sick and should be felled soon to prevent falling down on a human during wind.

Ausseer Zinken to the left, Sarstein to the right.

Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand and a small beck flowing down from the Loser.

More treats ...

Lake Altaussee, approaching Trisselwand.

Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand.

Dachstein still wrapped in clouds.

Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand.

Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand. And two observant dogs.

Marianne and Ernst have been to Bad Ischl in the morning and are catching up now.

At the head of lake Altaussee with the Seewiese inn and the Trisselwand.

Locals have brought their instruments and are playing a fanfare down this huge rock.

The way back along the lake. Piller´s opt for the farer route on the other side of the lake, to round it up.


Back at the beck.

Lake Altaussee with Trisselwand.

Dachstein still largely invisible.