6th September 2018: Three lakes tour: Lake Grundl - Lake Toplitz - Lake Kammer

With Marianne and Ernst Piller on short holiday in Bad Aussee - today, the three lakes tour is on schedule.

In the morning, ...

 .. I walk out ...

 ... on the roof terrace of the hotel.

After that, I volunteer for a morning walk with the dogs.

Free view to Dachstein.

The view to the Loser is still a bit shrouded in mist, ...

 ... as well as that one to Trisselwand.


At the Lake Grundl, we are waiting for the boat, ...

 ... which departs from near the lake hotel.

To sail over lake Grundl is big pleasure with bright weather like this.

Passing the Backenstein


 ... approaching Grundlsee castle ...


View back to the Sarstein.

The boat has landed at the head of the lake in Gössl.

We walk the level valley slightly upwards, at the end along the river Traun.

After about 30 minutes we arrive the lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz

We enter a flat wooden boat with an outboard engine, called "Plätte" ...

 ...which smoothly takes us over the lake.

Lake Toplitz alwas is black if sun isn´t reflecting in the water.

This colour is due to the extreme depth (up to 100 m regarding the small size), and due to the fact, that from 20 m down there is no oxygen in the water: The ice age glacier has opened a salt dome resulting in complete saturation of the water with salt and consecutive stable stratification due to much higher density of the salt solution. This disables any exchange of oxygen.

View back. Black water.

The waterfall of the Hinterbach.

We shall arrive at the head of lake Toplitz in due course.

5-10 minutes walk brings us to lake Kammer ("chamber lake"). The water level of this lake is subject to big changes, according to the amounts of rain. The outflow to lake Toplitz is underground.

Panoramic picture of lake Kammer. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Second panorama of lake Kammer, taken from a bit more down. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The forest ground is covered with moss everywhere between the two lakes.

A bit time left at the jetty till departure of the boat.

View along lake Toplitz

View along lake Toplitz

View along lake Toplitz

The head of the lake

Another picture of the Hinterbach waterfall.

At the Fischerhütte inn we call in for drinks and coffee.

A short tour to the foot of the lake wheras the otheres still are sitting.

Lake Toplitz near the outflow.

Lake Toplitz near the outflow.

View along lake Toplitz.

View along lake Toplitz.

Boat house on lake Toplitz.

The foot of lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz and the Gössl wall.

Lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz.

Lake Toplitz near the boat jetty.

Back through the forest via a different route.

Back at lake Grundl, waiting for the boat.

Lake Grundl, with view to the distant Sarstein.

Sailing back on lake Grundl, this is the gypsum quarry at the southeast shore of the lake.

Once more Backenstein, Reichenstein to its right.