Ödensee 5.September 2018

A short detour to the Ödensee at the drive to Bad Ausse.

We start form the car park near the restaurant and reach the lake within a few minutes.

Lucy in the water - someone has thrown her a cone into the water, otherwise she wouldn´t go in.

Marianne and Ernst Piller joined us, with their dog Mika.

The outflow of the lake

Boat house

Panoramic picture of the Ödensee, as seen from the bathers´ pier. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

We take a clock-wise walk around the lake.

Boggy eastern shore.

View back to the restaurant.

Some wet places on the southern shore too.

View from the southern shore to the restaurant. Afterwards, we shall drive through the gap between the mountains in the background, heading for Bad Aussee.

Ödensee, with the Tauplitzalm in behind.

Ödensee, with the Tauplitzalm in behind.


A small inflow from the south, with only very low water after a long, dry summer.

Good view to the Grimming from the western shore.

Ödensee with Grimming.

After a short coffee break in front of the restaurant, we re-enter our cars heading for Bad Aussee.