1.8.2015: Around Lake Altaussee.

The girls want to spend this day of homeward journey unhurried. As I want to see a bit more of the area, I get up early, and after an early breakfast, I leave the hotel on the excellent mountain bike, rented for low cost from the hotel.After a steep descent to Bad Aussee I ride along the beck to Altaussee, to have a look at lake Altaussee.

Dachstein (2.995 m) is seen in extreme clearity today ...

... announcing a foehny day.

Through the valley of the Altaussee Traun I ride upwards to Altaussee. Nice view to the Loser (1.837 m).

I branch off for short to a side rode, to enjoy the view.

Trisselwand (left) und Tressenstein (right). On the Tressenstein there is a  TV tower with a Webcam mounted.

Now I ride along the lake. Near a hotel, I get my first view to the Dachstein, Sarstein to the right, wich I climbed in June.

Bathing huts.

 Public bathing place.

Wonderful flat lawn for sunbathing; regrettably, the descent to the water is rather steep.

Stunning view to the Dachstein all the way.


At the jetty near the Seewiese.

Small inn here at the head of the lake.

At the head of the lake

Of course, from the southern shore the Dachstein cannot be seen, now you get the view to the Loser. Sarstein far left. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


Altaussee and Sandling

Trisselwand and Ahornkogel

Panoramic view of Lake Altaussee, as seen from the southwestern shore. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

On the return ride, with the last part on the main rode. View to the hotel Wasnerin Dachstein behind ...

 ... and with the Sarstein to the right.

I am back at the hotel at 10:45, enough time to clear the room, and we start our drive at 12 a.m. - this time via Linz, because we are planning a detour in the district of Tulln. On the way, a view over Lake Traun to the Traunstein ...

 ... and to Gasslkogel and Erlakogel.