31.7.2015: At the Lake Hallstatt

Today, the weather is sunny, but still not yet hot. An ideal day for a walk along Lake Hallstatt, followed by a boat trip.

Waking up, I am greeted by this gorgeous view from my balcony. Residual clouds are drawing off today, as opposed to yesterday.

Once more, I have to go up to the roof terrace before breakfast.

Mist over lake Altaussee and Trisselwand

Still clouds hanging on the Totes Gebirge.

Sandling (1.717 m)

More sun now over lake Altaussee.

This is the view to the mountains around the Tauplitzalm.

Sarstein in the sun today.

We drive to Obertraun, where the Koppentraun flows into the lake Hallstatt, and walk about 2/3 along the east shore of the lake.

We shall return by boat via this jetty.

On the southern end of the lake, the Dachstein massive is towering up.

Dachstein summit cannot be seen - between this ridge and the summit, the large Dachstein plateau is stretched off, only gradually increasing in height (and containing the Hallstätter and Schladminger glacier that can be seen from afar).

Looking back to Obertraun.

On the slope to the right is the intermediate station of the cable railway we took to reach the ice cave yesterday.

This wonderful bicycle path, as well as the railway track, cut off a small tongue of land where the castle of Grub is situated, private land "hermetically sealed" from the rest of the world.

Soon, however, we are back at the water line and look over to the small town of Hallstatt.

Panoramic picture from the east side of lake Hallstatt, with the small town of Hallstadt on the opposite side. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Zooming in on Hallstatt

Lucy has nicely walked with us till now ...


 ... but now she may take place in the rucksack.

Here you find, closely to the boat landing place, the railway station called "Hallstadt". Better take the boat to the town with its very narrow streets, not giving room to buses or cars.

A boat is just leaving shortly after arrival of a train.

A short leg later, we look down along the lake nearly to its foot near Bad Goisern.

The slopes are extremely steep here, railway and bicycle way have to cross this gorge, ...

 ... the bicycle way dong this via an impressive suspension bridge. Before and afterwards, the bicycle way is led on bridge along the slope - a huge effort for an excellent way!

Looking over the lake, as smooth as glass, nearby is its deepest area - 125 m!

train traffic ...

180 degree panoramic picture made from 5 pictures, high format. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A short leg further, the shore is a slight bit flatter.

View back, with Hallstatt in the background.

Approaching the jetty ("Schiffsstation") at Obersee.

Near the jetty.

Hallstätter See, as seen from the jetty at Obersee.

Panoramic view of Lake Hallstatt, as seen from the jetty (and railway station) at Obersee. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Lucy is out of the rucksack as we wait for the boat..

A nice restaurant called Seeraunzn near the jetty - behind are the steep excarpments of the Sarstein, which I recently climbed in June. 1.400 m height difference from here to the summit.

Our boat is approaching.

The valley opposite leads up to the village of Gosau.

On our way to Hallstatt.

The Sarsteins ridge, which I walked along on my tour in June.

Bad Goisern in the distance

The girls are relaxing on the boat.

Hallstatt coming closer.

The escarpment facing to the left is where the suspension bridge was built.

Hallstatt. Chinese architects copied (1:1) bigger parts of the town in the province of Guangdong - including the lake!

Salt mining is performed here for 7000 years! ("Hall" is an old German word for "salt" and "statt" means "town" - "salt town")

This tiny town has two churches: an evangelic one (left) and a catholic one.

View to the North, down the lake

This brand new ship is in use for only one year. Its tranport to the lake on huge lorries, with detours due to narrow tunnels and bridges and ban of the opposing traffic, was a great logistic challenge, mentioned in the press.

Near the jetty.

Lucy is contented with her life in the rucksack.

Short sightseeing trip.

On the main square of Hallstatt.

Klara is cooling off at the well.

Panoramic picture of Hallstatt´s main square. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Susi and Lucy taking a rest.

We now enter the wonderful new boat "Hallstatt" ...

 ... and sail ...

 ... for Obertraun.

Waterfall behind the houses.

View to Obertraun.


First, we land at the jetty of Hallstatt - Lahn. Great panoramic view of the upper part of the sea, from this high boat. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

We continue the trip ...

Near Lahn a big beck is discharging into the lake.

Facing Obertraun.

View back to the jetty of Hallstatt - Lahn



Grub Castle

Lake Hallstatt and Hallstatt, towered by the Plassen (1.953 m).

Approaching Obertraun.

Hallstatt and Plassen.

Back at the jetty of Obertraun.

Back at the hotel, and off to the wellness zone, at the roof terrace, with the view to the Dachstein summit (with the Hallstatt glacier), ...

 ... and Susi has recorded the situation with her mobile phone ...

Totes Gebirge is now free of clouds.

Evening ambience ...

 ... and evenfall.

The moon has risen ...

 ... nobody in the pool - open only till 8 p.m..

The moon enlightens Dachstein and Sarstein.

Still light at the neighbouring golf hotel.