29.7.2015: Arrival and Shopping in Bad Aussee.

At noon, we arrive the hotel situated a bit above Bad Aussee. In the afternoon, we go for a short tour in the small town, to look around, and of course the girls want to do some shopping ...

Today it is overcast, but dry at first, the clouds are very high, so we can see the Dachstein at our arrival in the hotel.

Narrow streets and many shops in this small town.

Being also a spa town, Bad Aussee has to have  the associated spa gardens, ...

 ... situated at the Er liegt am confluence of the Grundlsee - Traun (depicted here) ...

 ... with the Altaussee Traun.

Bad Aussee is said to be the "geographical centre" of Austria, inspiring people to construct a circular bridge over the confluence, retracing a huge Mercedes - star, now called the  Mercedes bridge.

Koppentraun below the confluence.

Altaussee-Traun to the left, Grundlsee-Traun to the right. The two rivers are the outflows of the homonymous lakes.