1.11.2012: Evening walk around the laguna near the Club and sunset in the desert.

AT the "golden hour of the photographs", that is about an houre before sunset, I start for a walk with the camera to explore the laguna near the club.

Crossing the club area first: the "activity - pool" ...

 ... and the "relax- pool".

he prospect of the laguna. As the offshore reef breaks all the big waves, the water is nearly completely smooth here.

A beach of coarse sand - here you can enter the water easily, as opposed to the reef top. So, many bathers are around.

Surfer and paddlers adding to the swimmers.

View to the Club.

A camel is ready for riding.

I walk aound the laguna to the oposite side ...

 ... to get a view of the club from there

The reef

View over the laguna the the mountains of the Egyptian desert.

Bizarre rocks ...

Above the coastal rocks is a nearly plain area.

Laguna and Club.

Panoramic picture of the laguna near the Magic Life Club Kalawi, Safaga. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

A real bathing paradise ...

The camel patiently waits for the next rider.

I cross the road and walk a bit into the desert, always within eyeshot of the Club.

I donīt know why, but I always get the impression of a huge construction site ...

A cairn on the small hill near the club.

360 degree panoramic picture of the Magic Life Club Kalawi, the nearby laguna and the Egyptian desert. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

The sun is sinking deeper ...

No construction place, itīs pretty normal - apart from the old railway embankment in front of the road - the tracks have been demounted - useful scrap-iron.

Bizarre rocks

The hill with the cairn from the picture above.

The sun is now sinking

I am sitting on a rock and admire the scenery.

If you had enough water, these coastal plains could be extremely fertile ...

Time now to return to the club.

The sun has sunken, but still it enlightens  ...

 ... there very high clouds. Click here or into the picture for a larger version of this panoramic picture from the activity pool, put together from 9 high format pictures.