31.10.2012: A walk in the club and on the coast

After two days of relaxing and hanging around , swimming and snorcheling, my spirit of enterprise comes back and I go for a walk in the club and along the nearby coast of the Red Sea.

The Club area has one- to two-storeyed buildings inmidst a wonderful park.

Behind is virtually nothing - desert and sea.

I now walk along the coast.

Similar to the coast at Marsa Alam, where we stayed last year, there is an offshore reef. At the reef edge, the ocean bed steeply escarps down to a depth of about 20 or 30 m. The waves break at the reef edge, the top of the reef is very shallow.

A bit of sand covering the reef top in some places.

Fossil marine animals cover the rocks along the coast.

Bizarr rocks

Best regards from the plastic planet. The proximity to larger towns like Safaga and Hurgadha can be seen here.

The view to the other direction: desert.

More plastic.

Fossil muscels, rocks ans plastic.

Once more fossil aniomals.

A typical picture: a large coastal plain framed by bizarre mountains.

The oasis in the background.

Rather big waves today - snorcheling isnīt very nice today when you are thrown up and down.

In some places, like here close to the club, the rocks area bit higher.

Reapproaching the club ...

 ... I admire the wonderful flowrishing plants.

The "sliding pool", a paradise for kids.

Donīt know that plant ...

 ... and neither that one.

Date palms ...

 ... with ripe dates. I could not resist to try one of the fallen dates - delicious, but dried out. The ones at the club restaurant were much better ...

Bougainvilla in pink ...

 ... and orange

Flourishing laurel (Laurus nobilis).

Our room the foremost balcony upstairs.

Viewing from outside the door of our room - the arcade - into the inner courtyard.

Now viewing from the balcony of our room: the Red Sea to the Northeast  ...

 ...  direction Safaga to the North ...

 ... and the desert in Northwestern direction.

The room boy has made a good job today ...