28.10.2012: Bus drive and arrival in the Club

I didnīt get a seat at the window of the plane, so the first pictures are from the bus drive to the club, taking only an hour - one reason to chose this Club this year.

Drivinf through the Epyptian desert.

Activities near the road.

More behind are rocks, sand and rugged mountains.

An archeological excaviation?

Near Safaga, a road to the Nile valley branches off.

Rock walls ...

 ... and lots of ...

 ... plastic rubbish.

Stone gravel roads...

Sometimes, itīs not clear whether this being a landfill or "only" the desert. I think, the locals donīt make a difference.

Bizarre rocks and high mountains.

Ah - a tarmac road.

The view to the Red Sea.

Not far to our club now.

It seems to rain here at times.

Arrived ... the laguna ...

 ...  of the Magic Life Clubs Kalawi near Safaga.

An Oasis inmidst ther desert.

First pictures of the club garden.

Bougainvillea in several colors: white ...

and pink.

At the entrance to the laguna, the reef is rather broad.

Quietness at the "activitiy - pool" - itīs Sunday.