Landscapes Egypt 2011

This time, I got a window seat on the left side of the plane. We are just crossing the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

Watered fields in the desert.

Near the Nile valley there is a large lake situated in a depression arteficially constructed by the old Egyptians by branching off Nile water: Lake Moeris

 ... with large fields at its side. The lake water however is extremely salty nowadays due to persistant evaporation.

We are now crossing the Nile valley, with a bit of morning mist.

Now above the Egyptian desert, in the background  ...

you already see the Golfe of Suez of the Red Sea, with the mountains of the Sinai peninsula in behind.

We are flying in an oblige angle to the Red Sea coast heading for Hurghada, situated at the entrance of the Golfe of Suez.

Bizarre desert mountains and sandy dales ...

 ... and a broad coast plain.

Approaching the Sinai skyline.

 ... Numerous lagoons there.

After bypassing Hurghada, our plane now draws a narrow curve, to land in northern direction, against the wind, on the runway of the international airport of Hurgadha.

The road along the coast, a 4 track highway - plenty of room to construct roads, so both directions are widely separated, so check rails can be avoided. Turnarounds every several kilometres.

We are going to ...

 ... land soon.

After our safe arrival, we enter the minibus driving us about 250 km to the Arkassia Swiss Resort. The airport of Marsa Alam would have been much closer, but there were no flights available.

Like last year, a long drive through the desert.

Few desert plants are catching what civilization (civilization?) has lost, being blown over by the wind ...

Stony areals changing to ...

 ... sudden escarpments.

Screes on the slopes

We are passing by the town of Safaga

A quarry in the desert? ...

To the left, the beach od the Red Sea with huge lagoons ...

 ... and remote holiday houses.

In the few Wadi´s there are some residual dry resistant desert plants.

It seems to have been raining some time ago.

Railway track besides the road in parts of the route.

Lonesome lagoons and coral reefs ...

A dusty industry plant.

We are stopping at a military checkpoint. Maybe this is a (koptic) church?

Remote beaches

El Quseir has no road to drive around, so we have to cross the town. The mosque.


Modern cometitors to the minaret of the mosque ...

I wonder what you may buy in this pharmacy?



After arrival in our hotel, we enter our beautiful room. The day after, I go for a late afternoon walk along the beach.

The shallow parts are due to the coral reef nearly reaching to the surface. The wave breaking signals the steep escarpment down to 10 metres or more.

Elevations of the continent in the past thousands or millions of years ago have lifted old reefs ...

 ... appearing as coastal rocks now.

Sunset is quick and spectacular in this part of the world.

Last daylight at the beach ...

 ... and in the desert. Assiduously, the Egyptians are planting palm trees along the roads, which cannot survive without watering.

The sun is quickly sinking ...

 ... behind one of the hills in the distance.

Next morning, I set my clock to 5:50 a.m. Camera and tripod are thoroughly prepared. I have sneaked out to the balcony , ...

 ... to admire the sunrise behind the Red Sea.

First works at the hotel area.

A half day trip to a cove named Abu Dabab (look at the underwater pictures - Sea turtle). Here in this deep Wadi, there seems to exist a bit higher ground water level.

A short walk in the hotel area. Today, there is nearly no wind, so at last we can go for snorkeling at the reef, on the other hand this is a good day to make some pictures of the flowering plants.

The plants of the garden are watered with treated wastewater.

Afterwards, I have another short walk along the beach, this time to the other side.

With low tide and no wind, the upper parts of the reef are outside the water level.

Geologically elevated reefs from former days.

360° panoramic view of the Red Sea beach. Click here or into the picture for a larger version

The rocks are built up of corals ...

 ... and muscels.

Back in the hotel area.

Pools, close to the sea. In the background  ...

 ... the "Seaview Bar"

At this season, it is getting dark rather early, even in Egypt. After 5 p.m., it is completely dark. Night view from our balcony - direction sea ...

 ... and to the right facing the restaurant area. Dinner always is outside here - the temperature only rarely drops below 18 °C.

On the flight home, I get a middle seat on the left side, and despite Klara´s protests, I am able to do some nice shots - this is shortly after liftoff ...

Now, I can admire the opposite side of the country as compared to the arrival - even more bizarre muontains and sandy dales ...

 ... of the Egyptian desert (between the Nile valley and the Red Sea).

Once more a view to the green band of the Nile valley.