31.10.2010: With the bus from the hotel to Hurgadha International Airport

A few last pictures from the bus trip.

The desert. We start at 8:40, at that time the air still is rather clear.

The small town of El Quseir

The houses have roofs, but usually these are not water proof - unnecessary in this region.

El Quseir´s mosqhe


Intermediate stop at another hotel

It must have been raining here, due to the cracks in the ground.

Always astonishing to see something grow.

High desert mountains, however, Google Maps does not show out any name for them.

Coral banks at the Red Sea.

The seaport of Safaga. Here, a main road to the Nile valley branches off.

We are approaching Hurgadha.

The airport ...

 ... with the Tower. After more than 5 hours from our departure from the hotel, we lift off, to land in Graz about 3 hours later.