30.10.2010: At the beach

A last, lazy day at the beach. In the afternoon, I take off laziness, get my camera, and go for a gentle stroll along the beach.

Sand, rocks and corals between our hotel and the next one.

A Western Reef Heron (Egretta garzetta schistacea), catching some fat fish from the reef. Many thanks to Dr. Ernst Bauernfeind from the Natural history museum of Vienna for his extensive help in identification.

Petrified corals are laying around on the beach.

Coral banks, behind the breaking waves the open sea.

Itīs fed up now of me permanently sneaking behind ...

Bizarre rock formations ...

 ... suzperficially made from sand stone and conglomerate, beneath are corals.

Some interesting coral stones

Huge muscles laying around


Red corals

Coral rock

Once more tubes

Are those the ribs of a petrified fish?

Farwell to the red sea - tomorrow we have to return to Austria.