29.10.2010: A trip to the Desert

The girlies donīt want to join me, so I go for my own, I definitely want  to see the desert from inside.

While I am waiting for the trip at the hotel reception, a short view from the main hall to the sea ...

 ... and over the restaurant

First, the jeeps are driving a bit along the coastal road.

 ... and afterwards along a gravel piste upcountry.

Early afternoon the desert is blinking in the heat. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

We stop on a hill. View in western direction to the mountains.

Ali has spent the drive (up to 70 km/h on gravel!) on the car top and taken a video. Now, the little Tyrolean girl is visiting him.

Panorami view of the Egyptian desert, eastern half. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

Panorami view of the Egyptian desert, western half. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

The Author of this site, taken with his own camera by a friendly Tyrolean woman.

Large valleys are interchanging with steep rugged rocky mountains. Some 10.000 years ago, after the last ice age, this has been a wonderfully green countryside.

A last remaining tree inmidst the desert.

Rock formations

A few resistant plants are remaining. Last rain here was three years ago.

Our drivers are picking some fruits of ...

 ... these colocynths, which are used by the locals against rheumatic deseases. You canīt eat them, however, they are heavily poisoneous.

We now reach the Bedouin village; its inhabitants have become settled, because local tourist managers have offered them money for displaying their village and their way of living (and, to a rather big degree, themselves) to the tourists.

We take a rest under simple straw huts.

After a cup of Egyptian tea we start for a desert trip with the Quad bikes. Because it would be very dusty, we are stuffed with these Bedouin scarves (for 5 Euro each, of course!), which they skillfully drape around our faces.

Birgit, the nice Tyrolean, and her mercurial daughter, also are totally mummed.

Half way we have a short stop.

Evening panorama of the Egyptian desert. Click here or inside the picture for a larger verison.

The sun is sinking fast now.

A short round trip on a camel at any time must be included.

Those animals donīt want to be caressed.

Just one camel need not work with the tourists, because it is pregnant.

After the camel ride, we are walking a few steps inside the desert to watch the spectacular desert sunset.

Sunset in the Egytian desert - a worth seen colorful spectacle. (HDR).

Our pregant camel does a short evening walk.

We are shown arouind now and may watch the Bedouin woman making flat bread.

There is also a (much too small) goat fold. I suppose these are feeded by the income from tourism, but what would they get without?

We also are shown vipers and turtles.

After a (they say!) typical evening snack the inevitable topurist show with dance performance.