27.10.2010: In a glass-floor boat along the coral reef

Our tour operator offers several daytime activities, from which we have chosen the trip with the glass-floor boat, only me will be the trip to the desert the day after tomorrow.

The day starts with a half hourīs bus trip to the harbour of Port Ghalib

Port basin with turquoise blue water

Port authority building

The Hotel Coral Beach

Beautifull port alley

Our boat

Some bigger (and more expensive) ships are also anchoring here ...

And behind, as everywhere here, the desert.

We start for the coral reef ...

 ... passing by the InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort.

Out on the open sea ...

 ... we soon are accompanied by two dolphins.

We go downstairs now, and the first we see is this big sea turtle.

The windows of the boat are like the screens of an aquarium.

Fish ...

and trmendous lots of different corals

I canīt cope with this plentifulness ... I cantīt design the different species of fish and corals, and furthermore I donīt have an appropriate book.

We are diving through a huge salt water aquarium.

Back to the surfac e after more than an hour, we head back for the harbour.

In the eveing - the moon got smaller already.