24.10.2010 Bus trip from Hurgadha to the Hotel

After having left Graz at slight morning frost, we are landing in the early afternoon in Hurgadha, with tmperature of about 33C. Two hours in an air-conditioned bus are following, along the coastal road in southern direction. Our hotel is situated between El Quseir and Marsa Alam on the beach inside the desert.

Near the aerport. The first impression is that of a permanent construction site. However: The construction site never ends. They call it desert over here.

We are passing by numerous hotels

Besides the hotels, there is only desert.

On the opposite (the left) side, there is the Red Sea.

If you imagine the desert with dunes, you are completely wrong in this place.

Industrial plants near the water.

Sand banks and coral reefs are painting different colors to the sea.

There seems to be real work in this place.

Small houses along the coast. I guess where they take their drinking water.

A few special resistant plants have survived.

Rocky desert.

Coral banks along the beach, partly more than 100 metres wide.

New buildings.

Abandoned industrial plant

We take a stop at one of the hotels to drop some of the passengers.

In the evening, the view out of our windiw. The moon has risen over the water. It is end of October here too, so the sun is setting at 5:30 p.m. Short days at extremely high temperatures is an unusual situation to us.